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The Simple Things

I want to live

I want to breathe

I want to laugh

I want to dance

I want to work

I want to be happy

Yes….. I want to look back at my life and be happy with the steps I took along the way, the imprints I left.

I want to say with a heartfelt smile dancing the corners of my lips “I WAS HERE”.

Hey fam, that’s how I felt one fine morning a few days ago and decided to share.  Have a wonderful rest of the day and do feel free to share how you feel too.


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Ree Dee
Ree Dee
I am a Nollywood Actor and a citizen of Nigeria, Africa and the World. Don't tell me I made a mistake using the word Actor to describe myself if you have not yet googled it. Love and light Always
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  • gbemisola

    you are a real role model, i alwayz appreciate God in your life..I hope to be like you some day…Continue to grow in the Lord Ma…GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY

  • gbemisola

    I feel blessed whenever i see a new day because i know it signify a new beginning for me and a new hope to achieve the unattainable…I bless God for all he has done and creating me in His own image

  • jennifer

    Hmmmm! Yeah these simple things a lot of people don’t appreciate, that’s why you’re unique my muse. May God continue to bless and increase you. Amen!

  • cophx

    I feel blessed each morning I wake up to see a new dawn that wasn’t promised a night before,i feel blessed to see an know that my kids are growing in the Lord. I’m living my life not the way I’ve envisaged growing up but gladly that it’s still better some other people’s life. I’m not only living my present situation,im enjoying it because there’s nothing as far as one minute ago

  • bolateethole

    This is a mind blowing post. We should consciously build a great Legacy.

    I am still basking in the fact that I won the loubs. Infact I am yet to get over it

  • Favour Johnson

    You are unstoppable the Lord is by your side Ree Dee… Lots of love!

  • Christiana Iornongu

    It’s amazing how all things become beautiful when you resolve to see beauty in everything. I thank God that I grew out of thinking u need to have some money before u can be happy,now I laugh at everything and I find that in turn everything just seems/actually is beautiful. I wake up grateful for life everyday and tell myself it is important to enjoy every bit of my time on earth. Life is indeed beautiful,let’s celebrate it at all times.

  • Vivie

    NICE one cuttie..God has got your back all day everyday..

  • Mbongeni Sibanda

    Ree Dee you are doing a very big job, I am learning a lot from your movies. God bless you

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