A Christmas to Remember

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A Christmas to Remember

It has become a yearly thing for me to hosts friends on Christmas day and 2015 was not an exception. You don’t know how excited I get once December rolls around. I think all my siblings are like that too. We get it from our late mom who was always so filled with the Christmas spirit. This year’s party was definitely great fun, we had good food, drinks and most importantly the games.  The games are usually the center of every party and you won’t believe how competitive we get. My hands are raised to the 3am crew, they out did themselves again this year… in case you did not know it, it takes special kind of super humans to make the 3am crew lol… just kidding.

Thanks to all the good friends who made it this year. God bless and keep you! For more pictures like and check out my  Facebook page


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Ree Dee
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