Bolatito Fashina is our winner!

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Bolatito Fashina is our winner!

Awww Loubs got a brand new home. It was not easy o. We had multiple commenters so it was difficult to decide whether to count the multiple comments or delete them. We decided against deleting since my initial post didn’t  say anything about multiple posts.

Sooooooo, the 50th commenter is Can you imagine? A blogger got my my lovely shoes *now biting one finger*.  Congratulations dearie!! Guess what?  Since you are female and own a business, my friends at are throwing in some lovely goodies for you.  I am jealous because I don’t have my goodie basket yet.  Here are some of the things Bola will be getting from the PinkNetwork, a water bottle, pop brushes, pen and IPAD case.

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We will be contacting Bola via email to send her the gifts. Kisses to you all!


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Ree Dee
Ree Dee
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  • Dami

    I’m hurt much! 😞😞

  • jennifer

    Congrats to the winner!

  • Beebee


  • Aj

    Dear Aunty Ree Dee, This is pure ‘ojoro’ someone entered the contest like 25 -26 times; that should automatically count him or her out Anyways, on behalf of me and my crews we have to protest on this because to own a shoe like this will deff cost me alot of money which I don’t even have. Congrats to the winner but still I don’t accept ur mode of choosing the winner. Ciao!

  • Eric

    wow really nice ):

  • bolateethole

    Omg! I never knew am the winner JESUS!

    Thank you ma I love you

  • ChincoBee

    Yayyyyyy am happy for my friend….famzing of life

    Congrats darling!!!!!

    Thanks RD

  • cophx

    Yippeee, team Bolateethole. U go girl,u deserve the saying goes, givers never lack. You always dash away too,so getting back won’t hurt anyone. Happy for my gurl.#wink wink

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