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Be Happy for Others!

I was just thinking a few minutes ago why some people find it so difficult to be genuinely happy for others. Does it take anything off our skin to rejoice and celebrate the achievements of others or drop a word of encouragement to people that may need it. Don’t get me wrong, I know it is tough to be nice or gracious to people we feel have wronged us in some way but what of those who have done nothing to us. In fact, their only crime is that they worked hard and may have “in our mind” done something we could not do or haven’t done done yet….. finish!!  This then prompts us to start hating on them.

My lovelies, if you find yourself doing that eh, STOP IT…. that is winch behavior.  Yes we are humans and do get envious of others sometimes but you cannot let it consume you.  Too much negativity can hinder one from achieving a lot in life. There is such a thing as good karma from celebrating others. So lets start today to fight this negativity. Try it out by complimenting people you are usually nasty to for no reason. It can be uplifting not only to the person you complimented but to you too. Try it today my honey bunnies and come back and tell me what happened. ***big hugs***

Kisses & Lav from Ree Dee


If you have a friend that finds it difficult to celebrate you but will make special calls to talk in detail about your failures, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE MBOK, the person is fighting other issues that you alone cannot solve.



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Ree Dee
Ree Dee
I am a Nollywood Actor and a citizen of Nigeria, Africa and the World. Don't tell me I made a mistake using the word Actor to describe myself if you have not yet googled it. Love and light Always
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  • Favour Johnson

    My diva keep it up any day any time; I so much love and cherish you always. Am your 1 fan! favourJ

  • chioma

    So true!! We need to rid of negative energy. Good things are infectious especially when u celebrate with others.

  • jennifer

    So true and we are here to have fun and special time with our queen.

  • cel

    Bring it on. BIg fan

  • iamchika.j

    so true

  • cophx

    Shout out to girls who smile at other girls and also compliments

  • bolateethole

    I used to pray this prayer

    Dear lord if anyone hate me because of my happiness pls GOD send them happiness so they will leave my happiness for me

  • Christiana Iornongu

    I agree with you 100 about the friend part… I cut u off in 1 sec and never look back. Shuu I can’t come and die na. It’s uplifting to celebrate and cheer for others while praying for our own blessings. True true it can be a difficult thing to do oo,especially when things in our own life aren’t exactly working but I know that being happy for others can open us up for our own blessings. She does it better than u,isn’t enough reason to hate on her for someone must be better than us at something, that’s just how life works.

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